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This is the Trade Show dedicated to the construction industry with the largest path in Argentina. It takes place in Buenos Aires City, and since its beginning in 1992 it has grown to currently become the most representative event on the field.

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It is visited every year by the professionals and businessmen who take the decisions in the companies, either in the projects as in the purchasing, from all the country, mostly architects, engineers, constructors, decorators, installers, technicians, construction foremen, teachers, etc. It has a high professional attendance from every point of the country.
This outstanding popularity is not only because the excellent exhibit offer, but also the parallel activities that take place in the event, which constitute an additional interest for visitors.
In the same way, it receives foreign visitors from limit countries and many places of the world, who come to Buenos Aires specially to visit the Trade Show, specially Uruguay, Chile, and Brazil, among others.


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